Useful tis and suggestions for when you are planning on adding a baby room to your home…

Select the appropriate room

And here, there are several things to take into consideration. First, is the distance from your own room. Whether you plan on letting your baby sleep by herself right from the beginning, or you hope to do so eventually, we are sure you still would like to be within hearing (and running!) distance. Of course, you might still have to use a baby monitor; but that is only in case you’re not a light sleeper. Apart from it, the size of the room as well as the general temperature of the room, and access to a bathroom also makes a huge difference. If you don’t have such a room in your home yet, consider calling in a private building surveyor Perth, an interior decorator, and a constructor, and begin building it into your home.

Know that your baby will grow fast

Even as you think of things like getting a certificate of building compliance, it is important that you truly understand how fast your baby is going to grow. Before long, she’s going to be crawling around and playing with her toys; then getting ready for preschool! It’s important that you remember this when you create a room; as it will affect the size and privacy of it. If you plan on eventually using this same room as their preteen room, then make sure to decorate it in a way that it can evolve. Visit this link  for more info on certificate of building compliance.

Be smart about your furniture designs

This is pretty much in relation to the previous tip. Be smart about your choices when it comes to furniture designs. In the case of a baby room, opt for those cots that can be adjusted as your baby grows; eventually converting into an adult size bed. As tempting as it is, avoid those over the top bed designs that your child will outgrow in a couple of years. Alternatively, for a children’s room, you could opt for an adult bed; but do the sheets and the overs according to their preferences. Don’t forget that shelves and rockers are also considered as furniture; and that you need to be smart when selecting these as well!

Making the room, and its immediate surrounding baby safe

Like we mentioned above, your baby is going to be growing up very fast. And again, as we mentioned above, she is going to be crawling around pretty soon. This means everything around her will be considered as potential danger. Make sure to line the floors, and to use proper rugs. Make sure to avoid furniture with sharp corners; and to use corner protectors on those carp ends you can’t avoid. Install the baby room railing, and put stair case protectors if your baby’s room leads to a landing…

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