There are certain parts of our home that often remain underutilized. For instance the cellar, if you have such a basement space for your home, chances are that you simply use it for laundry and for stocking up your drinks and other items. However, it is probably in a rudimentary state and you simply come and go from this space, not spending time here as you find this space dark and dingy. However, that might be simply a fault of your own imagination or something that limits this space from being a lot more. Here are some ideas on how you can liven up this space.

Create a bar space

This is one of the ideas that you could explore, especially if you are already using this space to stock up your drinks. Instead of the bare larder like cabinets where you place the drinks, you could spend a little more and get glass fronted cabinets moved here to stock up your drinks in a better manner. If you are ready to splurge and convert this space to an indoor bar you could spend on refrigeration as well. This will help you set up a bar like facility. You could stock up on spirits and wine, unused as well as open ones as you gets the bar working for you. 

Seating arrangments

Find architects online if you spend on setting up a working bar and have seating arrangements accordingly. You would want to set up a bar counter with a display panel to showcase your drinks and serve ware. Having bar stools around the bar top and table will help you have friends over and enjoy an evening with drinks in hand. 

Making it complete

You can add on some more nice touches to this space to make it an area that you would be proud to show off. For instance, add a sink area where you could wash the glasses and even dishes you use to serve snacks. For lighting effects you might want to conceal and spot lighting on a false ceiling overhead the cabinets and table areas. 

The above points are wonderful ideas on how you can convert a bare cellar space into a cozy and warm bar space. You could have glass on the walls, which will help create a classy look and enhance the lighting effect. If you have a small space, adding glass would help to counter the same and create the illusion of space. These are some ways you could create a wonderful bar space in your cellar and show it off to your friends.

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