I know the topic is quite relevant to most of us irrespective of where we are in the organization chart. Most people are more likely to face accidents at work than they do at home; probably because we spend more time at work!

Therefore, having a bit of knowledge on how you can be harmed in the office may at least give you an idea on how to avoid these common threats.

Damages caused by not paying enough attention

Unlike what is shown in the movies, the clumsy people are not the only ones who will trip and fall in an office or who will slip; we all do if we are not paying enough attention to where we are going.

Most of the time we are so absorbed in the task at hand we do not watch where we are going and, if someone has kept a pile of files on the floor, or even if someone is tying his/her shoe laces, there is a high chance of us tripping and, in the process, we may end up hurting them as well as ourselves.
The same goes for operating machines as well. If your job involves working with machines, you’d better keep your mind on what you are doing.

Damages caused by electricity

We are so used to electricity that we cannot even imagine how our ancestors lived. However, it is worth noting that electricity can cause as much damage as it supports our day to day lives. If the outlets are not properly installed or maintained, people may be subjected to shock which can, in turn, lead to permanent disabilities or even death. Further, equipment can get damaged due to surges or fluctuations in the current and may cause economic loss.Another disadvantage of electricity is that it can cause fire.

Damages caused by Fire

Even though fire is not a common occurrence, there are chances of this happening. As was discussed before, electricity may cause an ignition and even bad habits of employees such as smoking in the work place may lead to undesirable circumstances. No matter what the cause is, it is imperative that the office is equipped with fire doors Brisbane to minimize the damage.

Damages caused by chemicals, harmful substances and smoke

This is not relevant to most industries but to those who are involved in the related fields, not taking the appropriate measures may even be deadly.


The repairs and regular checks of the equipment are a must. The management should ensure that specialized companies should be hired to provide fire door replacement services and other related maintenance services. Having the most sophisticated equipment is not enough if you do not take proper care of them.I do hope you got the basic idea about the things which can physically harm you in the work place and how you can avoid such damages.

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