Colorbond fencing is very common in Australia. The fact that the manufacture of colorbond has been going on around in this country for more than 40 years has helped spread the popularity of this type of fence. Nowadays, property owners who do not need the brick boundaries, wrought iron fences and timber paling are opting for colorbond fences. This type of fence functions very well in terms of enhancing the levels of privacy and security around any property on which it has been installed. Furthermore, it is worth stating that this type of fence has proven very effective in complimenting all the landscape and building designs that it surrounds.

Secondly, the colorbond fences are much loved for their durability. The design and structure of colorbond is such that it can withstand the effects of the harshest weather conditions in Australia or anywhere for that matter. Not only does the colorbond boast of a sturdy finish, but also its long-lasting nature makes it mandatory feature on all types of properties. In fact, this is just but one of the reasons that have contributed to the ever-growing popularity of colorbond in commercial fencing. The galvanized steel, from which the colorbond is obtained, has made it rot and rust resistant, while increasing its fireproof and waterproof qualities. 

The manufacturers of colorbond offer 10-year warranty. Colorbond fences have a fair amount of infill sheets, rails and posts made using this type of material. All the different components of the fence come with a 10-year warranty. In fact, the 10-year warranty is just but the minimum. Other manufacturers offer much longer warranties. This remarkably long warranty is one of the reasons any residential or commercial property owner should consider installing colorbond fences. These fences come in a wide range of colors. Some of these colors include slate grey, mist green, Caulfield, Merno and Primrose to mention but a few. 

Fewer types of stylish fencing are colorbond fences. The design, shape and color of the colorbond fences provide property owners with a large variety from which to choose. Therefore, the colorbond fences would be perfect for the property owner who has a massive interest in landscaping. Moreover, colorbond fences are perfect in any setting. Unlike other types of fences, with colorbond the property owners do not have to worry about issues such as the back and front sides. Therefore, if two or more neighbors decide to share the colorbond fence, none would complain of having to look at the ugly side of the barrier. 

Lastly, colorbond fences offer the most in terms of security and privacy. Prying eyes from passersby and the nosey neighbors would not be an issue upon the installation of colorbond fences. Where traditional fences are full of gaps from one post to the next, colorbond fences do not feature any of these gaps, thus making it impossible for criminals and nosey individuals to peek inside the property. The fact that colorbond is 100% recyclable makes this type of fence environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly nature of colorbond is seen in the fact that it is responsible for the production of minimal amounts of scrap.