At Weathertex, we use high quality logs from controlled sources which are certified. The logs we employ are properly chipped. These then undergo the pulping process, and are later pressed. All these processes take place in our state of the art industry. The wood we use is also pressed with 3% natural wax for making the high quality timber product fresh from Australian origin. We make sure that our product is completely natural, and we also guarantee no addition of chemical preservatives and additives. We have recently passed a demanding evaluation by Global GreenTag in which we were evaluated for our efficiency in producing eco friendly products. We find pride in declaring that we have received a Green Tag Platinum certification with GreenRate level of A grade for our close to nature product. This makes us the sole manufacturers of the first global manufactured product receiving the certification.

 Our achievements not only end here as we have also been successful in receiving Gold certification award for our natural products with a wide range. These natural products include our weatherboard cladding Melbourne and state of the art wall paneling and cladding system. We at Weathertex make sure that we play an integral role in enhancing reliability, endurance, durability and sustainability of all products manufacture, designed and processed in the Australian industries.

Our cladding system and panels are easy to install, and unlike other companies, we do not stress you out with a whole burden of a separate installation team.

Also, our products are highly durable and have a guarantee to be long lasting and reliable. Our products are lightweight and do not break easily. These do not crack under extreme conditions which ultimately increases the reliability of our products.

Our products are designed according to the standard procedure acquired nationwide that is easily processed through standardized woodworking tools, so there is no problem in creating the masterpiece you desire.

Our products can be easily sawn or cur indoors and do not require a whole load of specified instructions, we remain as convenient as we can be to make sure our products are user friendly.

The best thing about our product is that it requires no silicone or adhesive for attachment, thus giving it an elegant and clear finesse without disturbing the natural beauty of the end product. Our products are highly rich in their originality and finish and that is what makes them highly popular in Australia.

Our products have earned a global reputation for being eco friendly by winning certification for optimum green performance. That is what makes our products stand out in the crowd. These products are wholly owned by Australia an we are proud to say that we are contributing to our local industry.  Our products also have better result than zero carbon foot print.

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